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The DM Group

We trace our genesis back to 1948, when Shri Govind Prasad Mantri founded the enterprise which would ultimately take the shape of the DM Group. The activities of this enterprise in during its nascency were pivoted on jute and equity trading. The first foundations of the Group's present day business interests were laid with the acquisition of a tea estate in 1954.

Subsequent to this early venture, the Group continued to expand substantially in the tea industry, while also creating a strong presence for itself in the auto components manufacturing business, after our initial foray in the engineering industry in 1978.

Present day, the DM Group has taken the shape of a diversified enterprise with interests in Tea, Engineering and Marketing Services. With its Corporate Office situated at Kolkata, West Bengal, the operations of the Group are spread across Assam, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

The Group has four tea estates, all of which are located in Assam, as well as three manufacturing units producing various automotive components and other products.

The flagship company of the Group is Manipur Tea Co. Private Limited. The other prominent Group companies, excluding the holding and investment companies are, Ruttonpore Plantations Private Limited, Derby Plantations Private Limited, Mantri Tea Company Private Limited, Vijayshree Industries Private Limited, Vijayshree Autocom Limited and Suprabha Industries Limited.

Built on the foundations of integrity, dedication and a passion for excellence, the DM Group has continued to evolve with the times. Our philosophy has centered on the determination to be the leader in all the areas of our operations. We remain guided by the belief that the race for perfection has no finishing line, as we endeavour to add greater value to all our products as well as expand, consolidate and diversify the DM Group into new areas of strategic interest.